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Access to higher education is reserved for students with a baccalaureate. Once the diploma is in hand, students wishing to continue their studies must face very high registration fees.


By way of example, these amount per year to:

  • $ 450 to the Cambodia Institute of Technology,

  • $ 370 to the Royal University of Agricultural Sciences,

  • $ 440 at the Royal University of Law and Economics,

  • between $ 800 and $ 1,500 at the University of Health Sciences.


Cambodian universities:

Public universities:


Other institution :

  • Cambodia Institute of Technology


L'AVENIR LEUR SOURIT has decided to support future students by financing registration fees as well as accommodation and food costs.


This year, 18-year-old SAAMAT was admitted to the Royal Agricultural University of Phnom Penh, after passing the BAC exam. We are happy to be able to accompany him.


You can support students by making a donation or monthly payment by clicking on the link below

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