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Support orphan children or

children from very poor families in Cambodia

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L’AVENIR LEUR SOURIT is a French Association loi 1901, (non-profit organization complaint with a French law passed in 1901).


Its purpose is to:

  • Provide basic needs to disadvantaged children in Cambodia (food, housing, medical monitoring, schooling),

  • Help with schooling (scholarships, tutoring),

  • Provide assistance with vocational training and the pursuit of higher education,

  • Support families,

  • Provide assistance to the Pailin orphanage.



"We have been sponsoring a child in the Pailin orphanage in Cambodia for over 7 years with a French association.

The partnership between this association in charge of this program and the orphanage stopped in March 2019.

Therefore, we went there at the end of March 2019 to find solutions to continue to support our sponsored child, a brilliant student, with whom we have special ties.

In November of the same year, we went there again to be sure that the solutions proposed in March for the support of our sponsored child were effective. We noticed that he needed school materials (uniform, school bag, etc.) and that the other children in the centre do have the same needs.

After a long discussion with the director of the centre, she told us that the support of an association was really essential for the smooth running of schooling for all children.

Therefore, we proposed to find a teacher in charge of school support for all the children of the centre, but also to help each child through an association, in order to give them an education as good as possible.

We got certain to have taken the right decision when we met by chance, during our last stay, four former residents of this center, now aged about thirty years. They told us about their family and professional success due to the support of their sponsors (godmother or godfather) : one of them works for the Ministry of Social Affairs, another is an official at the Ministry of Regional Planning, of urban planning and construction in Phnom Penh, another pediatric anesthesiologist and the last police commander.

So we decided to create this association in order to help children to build their future”

Pascal & Philippe




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